The Pacific Northwest is one of the most magical places you could ever hope to visit. From the azure pacific coast to the snowy rocky mountain peaks. You’re treated to the untamed beauty of Canada’s British Columbia province. There’s also plenty of iconic sights that a helicopter tour can help you see better.

Did you know you could explore a substantial part of this vast area in just 30 minutes from Vancouver? This is possible through white river helicopter tours. What’s more, is that you can also get spectacular city views of Vancouver while you’re at it.

Here are some of the places you can view from the sky with helicopter tours.

British Colombia Over the Mountains

British Colombia’s terrain consists of various mountains and mountain ranges. Such features provide scenic views and are ideal for exploring for those that love river fishing and other forms of ecotourism. The remote nature of such a destination makes travelling to them difficult. That’s why you should opt to visit or view them from the sky. Here are a few more places helicopter tours can help you visit.

  • The Canadian Rockies

The Rockies are a part of the North American mountain ranges. They are part of the Canadian cordillera that stretches from the prairies to the pacific coast. Although stunning, it would take you a long drive to reach them from Vancouver or any other major town.

Flying over such a destination is the only way to capture the magnitude of such a natural feature. Flightseeing tour provides you with such an opportunity within a fraction of the time. You can also use the opportunity to take videos and photos to show all your friends great features, such as the following:

  • Spectacular Waterfalls

Surreal and dreamlike is how most people describe the waterfalls of British Colombia. This province is home to over 1,700 lakes. So, if you love waterfall views, then you’d be spoilt of choice as there are too many to mention. However, the bridal falls, Helmcken Falls and Shannon falls, deserve an honourable mention. If you want to see why please consider booking a helicopter tour.

  • Lake Views

This region is also home to over 20,000 lakes. These are some of the most pristine and gorgeous lakes in the world. Most of these lakes are hidden up high on mountains or deep in the Canadian wilderness. Therefore, taking a helicopter is more convenient than driving. An extensive system of rivers feeds these lakes, making them ideal for swimming, boating and other forms of recreation.

  • Fly Over Forests

Forests cover almost 2/3 of this expansive territory. The Cordillera region has vast forests, wide rivers and deep valleys. Such geographical features present severe navigational challenges. There’s also an abundance of wildlife that can harm you.

Your itinerary may not accommodate a flyby tour of all of the province’s forests. Some of the most scenic forests you can fly over include Glacier national park, heritage forest and cathedral view. Please ensure to ask your guide to show the bison and other wildlife that live in these forests.

British Colombia City Tours Over Vancouver

Flying over Vancouver is the only way you can appreciate this beauty of this city. A half-hour flight downtown to the coast or the North shore Mountains. You’ll also enjoy views of iconic landmarks like coal harbour and the lion’s gate bridge.

You can also view Stanley Park, English Bay and the Indian arm fjord. Such a tour can provide an opportunity to create the perfect postcard to send home.

British Colombia Over the Coast

British Colombia has Canada’s longest coastline. This 25,000 km stretch of land has some of the world’s best beaches and scenic cliffs. It’s also home to a diverse ecosystem consisting of various plant and aquatic species.

Human-made features that you should check out include the sea-to-sky highway, inner Vitoria harbour and many others. If you like to surf, you can also catch some waves in Haida Gwaii, especially in the summer.